12 thoughts on “Our Place In Space

  1. Dear Mr Fitz,
    We enjoyed the rockets and the space dioramas that your class made and we think that they are brilliant artists!

  2. Dear Mr Fitzsimmons
    Thank you for taking pictures of your class work,
    it will set a great example for us.

  3. Hi Mr Fitz!
    We really enjoyed doing the space activities, espcially the telescopic poems and the rockets/shuttles. We hope that we can do more art this and next term.
    Anthony & Helen

  4. The space work was very attractive and caught my eyes.The best artwork was the spaceships,I liked Hoa’s the most.

    David Vuong

  5. Mr Fitz I love what you did with the classroom, other classes love your class since its so creative and colourful(;

    Keep up with the great work (:

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